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HPV influences head cancer

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50% of the sexually active population has had contact with him, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is an infection that in most cases does not present clinical manifestations; only 10% develop wrinkle in the vagina and oral cavity, as indicated in an interview for, the expert Carlos Aranda, Clinical Investigator of the National Institute of Public Health.

HPV has been linked to the development of different types of cancer, including throat and head cancer, which appear more in men than in women; But, what are the factors that detonate it? Is oral sex dangerous?

Most Human Papilloma Virus can be eliminated naturally by the body between 80% to 90% and take 6 to 9 months in this process.

According to Carlos Aranda, the factors that trigger HPV to become throat or head cancer are:

1. Immune system. The defenses are not in good condition; For example, in patients with transplants or HID, the risk of having HPV is greater and the damage to health increases.

2. High risk virus: Type 16 and 18 are those that are most linked to the development of throat, head and uterine cancer.

3. Dentures poorly placed.

75% of head and neck cancer is more common in men than in women; but other factors of irrigation have to be associated, such as alcohol and tobacco.

What should you take into account?

For Aranda there are 5 symptoms for which you should go to a health expert:

1. Hoarseness.

2. Low voice.

3. Foreign body sensation

4. White spots in the oral cavity.

5. Injuries that do not heal.

To prevent this situation the specialist recommends that in addition to using the condom in sexual relations, men and women should be vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus. Remember. Your health is in your hands!